Cornucopia is an independent project that celebrates the stories of migrants in the Territory. It aims to use art, technology and storytelling to break down cultural, linguistic and generational barriers.

To write and illustrate Cornucopia, Tisha is currently travelling through the Territory to interview 100 migrants and former refugees. Topics of interest include the journey to Australia, life in rural regions, and preserving culture through food, sports, performing arts and storytelling.

Cornucopia will recreate these memories in a rich weave of storytelling, art, and recipes, accessible through digital articles and print publications.

If you are a migrant – no matter whether first generation or fifth generation – Tisha would love to come and visit you and have a chat. Each participant in this project will receive a free visual artwork inspired by their interview, and a complimentary copy of the Parap & Rapid Creek Market Pocketbook.

If you are based in Darwin, please feel free to book an interviewing session with Tisha:

If you are based elsewhere in the NT, please feel free to email Tisha and she will organise a trip to see you.

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